jeudi, mai 22

And it should come as no surprise

That I am miserable at home and bought a plane ticket to Montreal. Hurrah. I suppose I just needed to visit a foreign place (yes Canada is foreign for me, I've sadly never been) and hear some French in my ear. Unfortunately, nothing else too exciting to report. Life here is slow. Real slow. I need to get myself a big city life again. Last week I visited my cousin in Madison; we went out for drinks and had to wait in line to get into the bar and then paid for our own drinks. That was a sobering experience for me coming from a city where I had become acclimated to table service, no lines, and never paying for my own champagne. Sounds snotty, I know, but you get used to it real fast. And now, oh and now. And now I get to start over and begin building again. Won't you excuse me while I go make myself some humble pie?

2 commentaires:

Alisa a dit…

What are you doing for the moment and where? I'm assuming you graduated... just looking for a job now? Just curious because I'm going to be in the same boat pretty soon, and I'm not quite sure what I'll end up doing... in any case, good luck, that crappy feeling never completely goes away :/

Leah a dit…

and what are you going to be doing there? i am very curious about your wanderings.