jeudi, février 14

Sometimes I don't know which one to wear

...but I'm sure I'll wear them all at some point during these next 2 weeks. It's vacation time again; did I fail to mention that I've got another one? Lucky me because February happens to be my least favorite month of the entire year, does anyone else feel the same way? To me it's that odd time of year, the transition between winter and second winter (at least that's what it was like where I grew up in Wisconsin and Minnesota). You're stuck between winter and spring and wanting one or the other but certainly not February. February you are the year's biggest disappointment. I suppose that must be why Mother France has bestowed upon me yet another 2 weeks with which to frolic from country to country. This week's adventure being Paris and then Holland (Utrecht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam) followed by Switzerland (Geneva and Zurich, I believe). So, with that I must bid you adieu. See you in March, lovers.

mardi, février 12

I didn't have anything to say except this

We are kitchen goddesses, me and these girls I know. We're a team, we make beautiful little cakes and pretty petit fours. Today we (Barbs, C-town, me) made macarons after a somewhat prolonged absence in the kitchen. Having been humbled by a particularly wonky batch of violette macarons we all returned to the kitchen with our A-game and were successful in realizing the glory of fleur d'oranger macarons. (Ooh are they beauties...apricot colored shells and cream ganache filling.) The ganache filling being somewhat of an improvisation on a traditional butter cream frosting which we changed through the addition of crème fraîche, orange zest, & orange flower water. Joy! Also, this Friday is officially the beginning of vacation which means it's finally time to get the hell out of Dodge. But looking down at my hands on the keyboard I notice my chipped burgundy nail polish (time for a fresh coat of paint eh girls?) and a reminder note about my tutoring session tomorrow night. Damn. I'm still here. This week isn't over, yet. (Hope you are well dear readers and friends, I still think about you sometimes. Do you think about me?)

mercredi, février 6

Paris saves

Hello lovers, sorry for the absence. The trip to Paris? It was grand. In all honesty it felt like couples therapy for me and France. We needed a little weekend getaway, some time to reflect on why we fell in love, what made the other special and unique. And let me say, the proverbial flame has officially been rekindled. There was some small bit of excitement and energy in everything and everywhere that I went: shopping, a new hair cut, dinning out (le marais), dancing (CAB, a great club by the Louvre), a museum (the Rodin, one of my all time favorites), a film (Sweeney Todd, meh, it was ok). I couldn't help but feel lighter, more free. (Something about this city makes me walk differently.) It felt inevitable, it felt like I was meant to be there, meant to live and love and exist in this city. And, at the risk of sounding like a complete skhizo, it made me want to stay. I've finally come to terms with being here, with the fact that this is my life now. I live in France, Paris is only a train ride away, and home, when I miss it, is only a phone call away.

vendredi, février 1

Park that car, dream about me

Ok so I'm not 17 but I've got my make up on, I talk trash under my breath, and I ain't coming back. (Till Monday...)