mercredi, avril 16

The last glass

Yesterday was my last day at the primaire, as I hurried to catch my bus (last again) an old man stopped to watch me cross the street and then kindly tipped his hat at me. The kids were great and I was extremely touched by the farewell drawings they'd made for me, still can't believe I won't be seeing them again. Last night Ren came home with a tart and a bottle of champagne. He made a fire in the fire place and gave me a farewell gift and card; he's what I'll miss most about this town. Hard to believe it's already a part of the past. In two hours I take a train to Paris, in two days a train to Berlin, then a flight to Budapest, then a spaceship to whoknowswhere. This isn't the end dear readers, only a brief intermission. See you in a few weeks... je vous embrasse très fort.

samedi, avril 12


Made an ice cream cake, said good bye to Kati at the train station, went to the library, watched part of Blow Up, bought a plane ticket, called a dear friend, listened to the Moldy Peaches, went to a party. Alack, I find it difficult to smile today. So many many things on my mind lately.

mercredi, avril 9

Breaking up is hard to do

Hello Student,

I like you. I think you're a lot of fun and have neat ideas and good things to say. Let's be friends & keep in touch. If you have a problem with a word in English, or need a suggestion for a good book to read, or want to know what I think of Britney Spears* or whatever drop me a line at: myemail. I hope you've enjoyed the time we spent together and what we learned; here's a recap of some of the topics we discussed:

-Ernest Hemingway, "Hills Like White Elephants"
-Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass
-Tennessee Williams, "A Streetcar Named Desire"
-The films, I Heart Huckabees & Breakfast at Tiffany's
-The American 1960s

There are many other areas and topics that we didn't have the time to touch on, however I hope you will continue on and discover your own favorite bits of Anglophone culture. Once again thank you for a great year. I had a lot of fun and hopefully will see you on my side of the pond someday soon.


*This is a joke please tell me you laughed.

This is the note I gave to my students; yesterday was our last day together. It was harder then I imagined, I really connected with these kids. I hope for nothing but success for them. I wanted to bring in a little treat (Which suddenly felt very elementary, I feel like French people don't really do the whole bring a treat in on your birthday/at holidays/on the last day.), I wanted it to be American so I made them little peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. In America we grow up with pb&j, I said, it's like our Nutella and baguette. I knew it was a dicey move because peanut butter isn't as well received in France but apparently my fear was in vain as not one sandwich was left. One of them exclaimed, "I am in ze paradise!" These kids keep me young, God love em.

dimanche, avril 6

I'm a boss

Once, about 2 weeks ago, I had a sudden urge to listen to the song "Bossy" by Kelis. It was a desire stronger then me and I listened to that song an innumerable amount of times. Barbs and C-town were also subjected to my fanaticism of "Bossy" as well as my singing of the song whenever I wasn't cuing up the video on youtube. People, that song is the jam. It's the story of my life. I'm a boss. I'm the one he got tattooed on his arm. Etc. (Feel free to sing along)

Anyways long story short I kind of forgot about Kelis and her goodies until last night at the Fest Noz. (Fest Noz = a type of Breton dance party where people lock pinkies and dance until the morning light) I decided to spice things up by bringing several mixed drinks in my purse to help ease my lightness of foot whilst dancing. This ended up being the Best Idea Ever since this was a small Noz of Bretons mostly around the age of my parents. Nozing the night away we met some chaps who appeared to be our own age and had a similar sneaky plan to get the party started; they offered us a pull of their own secret concoction. We followed them out behind the parking lot where they pulled a bottle out of the bushes along with some plastic cups and we all said 'Sante' to being Breton and young and wild and crazy. At this point in the evening I was feeling incredibly joyous and happy and broke out my own version of "Bossy" (it just felt right). I then begin to take more pictures then Jesus knows what to do with and then Barbs and I played hopscotch before we got a ride home with I don't even know who...the lute player? Fast times in St. Bri. We live without limits.

vendredi, avril 4

I just watched Gossip Girl and I liked it. Don't judge me.

Quick update for you this lonely evening in dull as ever St. Bri:

-Another successful trip to Emmaus on Wednesday scored me at least half of my summer wardrobe. I am now the proud owner of a trench coat, 2 scarves (one winter & one navy/floral patterned with an ethnic look about it), 2 navy dresses, a bulky navy cardigan with a St. James logo patch, and a vintage pair of Carmel colored high heeled scandals hand made in France and never worn! Oh sweet Jesus I will rock Navy blue this summer like it has never been rocked before.

-One of my students serenaded me. Everyone came into class except him (he's one of my absolute fav students) ...he opened the door, peaked his head in the classroom and then closed the of the girl's said he had a surprise for me...the door opened and he came in singing (Kylie Minogue?) with one ear phone in from his ipod to sing along with. He was so nervous his eyes began to tear up and his voice cracked but that didn't stop him from singing the entire song. I was blown away, unsure of how to react or where to look I couldn't help but laugh as he eeked out the final notes in a soprano voice that reached tones higher then a dog whistle. Bravo to you, my young student, may your successes be plenty.

-We had an early going away party at our house this week with all of the assistants, Rene, & Monique. It was an amazing success with Ren supplying Champagne and everyone bringing a delicious homemade dish. I made a brie, apple, & candied walnut tart and a zucchini & goat cheese tart...both received such rave reviews that I plan to bring these little inventions with me stateside when I get home (Minneapolis I'm looking at you).

-So yes I've done a lot of thinking lately and as much as I wish and want and hope to stay I realize that it might not be possible. However, I do want to return home to see everyone and see my lovely cities and do all the normal things that I miss and haven't found the opportunity to do here. It'll be good to come back and regroup, figure out the next step, reevaluate, etc. And anyway home is where the heart is...right? (...)

-Tomorrow my German roommate leaves...leaving me to realize that holy hell pretty soon I'll be finished for good. Yay! Yay? I am thus forced to leave the safety net of my charmingly furnished house for an unpredictable amount of time with nothing but my suitcases by my side and no sure roof over my head; one might say I'll be living a somewhat bohemian existence. Luckily the hippy look of unkempt hair and drapey layers is making a fierce appearance on runways and thus will be my style of choice these upcoming days...if you see a girl with smeared eyeliner and a ripped hem peeping into your window don't be alarmed, just be sure to leave the light on for me.