mardi, juin 23

They prefer it with a wedge of lime

Today I watered the plants with Perrier; not on purpose of course but alas my little herbs were lucky to soak up the rest of a bottle I didn't know we'd had. I save some of the Perrier bottles in the fridge see, along with other juice bottles that catch my fancy (all glass bottles of course). I put water or iced tea in them just to have something cool on hand, thus it is sometimes impossible to tell if the bottle is actual Perrier or just water. Speaking of herbs R and I went to Jean Talon Market Sunday and scored a delicious bounty of local fruits and veggies: tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, arugula, cucumbers, apples, and some non local avocados. I've been enjoying the most amazing and flavorful salads since...nothing even compares to eating foods when they are in season. We also picked up a little lavender plant to add to the herb gang, hurrah! I wish I could take pictures to show you but I am still sans camera. But! I do believe I will soon be getting a d-slr...which would be such a treat; it's a late Christmas present from my brother. Hopefully, if all goes according to plan, it should get here within the next few weeks. I'm keeping my finger crossed until then.

mardi, juin 9

RIP my camera; three cheers for my favorite meal

It is raining mercilessly outside and my little plants almost seem to press their leaves against the window, I think they'd prefer to be outside soaking up the natural rain. I am not too fond of rain except for when it is beautiful, like right now. It's almost noon and the sky is completely gray, like a 9:00 sky. I feel like I woke up early and still have most of the day ahead of me when in earnest I woke up late and can't enjoy those first early hours. Regardless of what time it is the first meal I always eat when I wake up is breakfast, my most favorite meal of all. I had a little craving for sugar today and hoped to nibble up the last of the leaping lemurs! chocolate peanut butter kid's cereal (best impulse buy) only to find R had beat me to it. Grrr. That man eats food in such high quantities it's become a running joke. The bread that we bought yesterday? Almost gone. I close my eyes for an instant and the cheese is no where to be found! A few weeks ago when there were some important papers to be signed and R was nervous he ate an entire loaf of bread in the course of a few hours. Wowza can the boy eat. En tout cas not having cereal didn't turn out to be such a bad thing because I really crave a salé petit dejeuner, a salty breakfast. Today that meant a thick slice of whole wheat toast with thin slices of brie cheese melted on top (lucky for me one of my favorite cheeses is one of his least!). I was still a bit hungry so I grabbed the tiny end slice to toast up and spread with my new favorite jam, Quince! Do you know what a Quince is? Neither did I until I went to Guatemala. R's mom had a peculiar looking butterscotch colored jam on the table, "Try it Sarah, is very good!" she exclaimed. I timidly spooned a bit on to my tortilla (which made them all laugh...apparently tortillas are not to be eaten with jam) and smiled at the delicious new flavor. Unlike other fruits to be certain, yet a bit grainy like a pear...I loved it so much I ate almost the entire jar over the course of our vacation. Ooops. While shopping the other day I was delighted to find a little jar at our depanneur (corner shop, groccery store). However, this jam is nowhere near as delightful as what I had in Guatemala which was homemade by a little abuelita (granny) using local fruit. Still this didn't stop me from eating it to my hearts content and if I could take a picture it would show that this jar is almost empty. Speaking of which my beloved partner in crime, my Canon SD60 finally bit the dust early last week. I'm not sure when exactly but when I pulled her out to take a photo the screen was completely shattered and the lights flickered before going out. Rest in peace little one. I am in the works of finding a new one though, a camera friend might sell me one of his digitals at an affordable price, here's hoping!