lundi, mai 19

Praire Underground

Whist kicking around online at 4am (Can't sleep. My mind, it races.) I discovered this little gem of a label. How silly, of course, that it is designed out of Portland. Part of me still thinks that moving out there is a good idea; I just know I'd fit right in. But I've got a few other plans in the works at the moment...namely places that lay beyond said American borders. These feet of mine ache to wander again. Sometimes I think I should have never come home. It's only been about a week and a half and already I feel suffocated. Maybe it's not the situation, maybe it's just me. I've started to believe that it's simply my nature to feel restless, unsatisfied, and trapped. But oh Jesus Goddamn I sure hope it's not because feeling like this all the time wears a girl down. In any case let me leave you with some lovely photos of the brilliant Praire Underground:

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Kennedy a dit…

whoa these photos are incredible!

Kennedy a dit…

these photos are incredible, very peaceful somehow. <3 - Street style & Fashion weeks in Paris a dit…

hi stylish friend

I am surfing on the blogs and just discovered your blog.

As i find it very fresh, I just wanted to tell you that I met Sarah Jessica parker / Sex and the city Monday in Paris and did great shots that you’ll certainly like

I also got great shots during the sunny days in Paris

Have a look and enjoy !
and may be one day i 'll be in your fav blogs ! lol


Street style romancer in Paris