jeudi, mai 29

The only place we're free

Since life has been less then exhilarating lately I've taken up residence in certain parts of my brain instead. Call it denial if you will but I prefer (and always have) the private and silly space in my mind to the oft upsetting and dull environment in which I currently find myself (aka suburbia). Lately I've taken to running and studying with a twist of seeing my dear friends whenever they pass through town. I find that the running has given me something to work towards; my summer goal is upping my runs from 3 miles to 7 by the end of summer...eep! Returning from France made me realize my desire to return to school and was thus responsible for my immediate immersion into old text books and course packets. Time to resharpen that brain. As unpoetic as this sounds I find it absolutely true: my brain has a severe beer-gut. Yes, I'm aware how gross it sounds. For real though, I can't believe how quickly I feel like I've lost academic edge. The fact that the economy is in the tank and there is a flood of recent graduates and a lack of jobs only fuels my desire to up my game.

So how is life in the brain? Oh it's ok, I guess. It's no Parisian night club, but it's better then grappling with the fact that I'm almost flat broke and living somewhere I never anticipated returning to. Like I said before, humble pie. Anyways I'm not complaining. It's a big big challenge not to feel upset and get down on myself, however despite all the circumstances it still feels really nice to be home. I'm proud of what I've done and where I've been & I'm working toward the next big thing, whatever and wherever that may lead. Unfortunately I can't say much about what that will be because, well, I've got 80 million different ideas. And if you know me at all you know I'm not lying, there are literally 80 million. I counted them last night.

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