mardi, avril 28

I am waiting (for my man)

I've recently begun to do a bit of research on the Montréal dance scene and a friend recommend that I check out La La La Human Steps dance company. Shock and awe my friends, be prepared to be wowed. The above video is so stunning I watched it last night and then thought before falling asleep that I needed to watch it again in the morning, first thing this morning I watched it again twice. Enjoy!

samedi, avril 25

Les enfants du paradis

Today is Spring, it truly is. As such it means that I am about to make another move and haphazardly pack my suitcases while the open window lets the sun and warm breezes in. I'm thrilled to be moving. On Friday R and I bought some great stuff at the Salvation Army. (The best was the 60's style kitchen table with legs that go out on a diagonal and the mid-century modern dresser which I intend to put in the living room with shelves above it and loads of plants dangling down in an attempt to create a sort of living wall.) So I'm afraid that's about all the news for now. Tonight is the last hurrah at R's apartment which means dinner, friends, and loads of wine. Praise be to warm nights with wine!

mardi, avril 21

Love is, is too weak a word for what I feel - I lurve you, you know, I loave you, I luff you

Yesterday will live as one of the happiest and most unexpected coincidences in all of my days thus far. Yesterday, I met Annie Hall, err I mean Diane Keaton. I swear my heads been in the clouds ever since; she asked me if I was an actress! She shook my hand and smiled big when I told her what a huge fan I was. She called me sweet!

samedi, avril 18

Lady I swear by all flowers

There isn't one single thing I don't love about this look, not a one! Luminescent pale skin, flesh-toned vintage gown, delicate veiling of the face enclosed with a flower, cherry nails, pinky lips, jeweled clutch, brava brava! Am also loving Drew's 60s-esque tribute in this following ensemble:

If only I had long hair so that I too could sport a big bouffant of sexy hair with cat eyes, nude lips, and sweeping floor length gowns. Le sigh. To be a famous movie star who can jump from era to era in the blink of an eye. Well played Ms. Berrymore, I eagerly await your next move.

mardi, avril 14

Une fille comme moi

Ladies might I direct your attention to a fashion icon and artist whom I've only recently been turned onto myself, Parisienne extraordinaire Garance Dore. A woman with an easy and classic sense of style in tune with the times and curious about the world of fashion and anyone who enjoys parading its splendors. When asked if there is any trend or style she dispises Garance replies, "I can't say. Every time I find something I don't like, I end up finding someone who wears it in a beautiful and interesting way. Fashion changes so fast that it teaches us to never say never." I couldn't agree more.

lundi, avril 13

Nothing extraordinary

Hello friend, it's me again. Back so soon yes, surprising isn't it? I've just been lounging around all day drinking green tea, catching up on my favorite blogs, and chatting with my roommate over a large delightful plate of pesto pasta. Miam. A wonderfully fulfilling day. I should probably begin to pack my suitcases for my next move to the loft...but I suppose I'll get around to it later. There's always time for everything later, n'est pas?

mardi, avril 7

Some things: a posted list

1. I am moving into a loft with my manfriend in May (!!)
2. My hairs are platinum blonde and parts are shaved (I did a hair show....eek it's a long story.)
3. As my 'payment' for the show the hair dresser promised me 6 months of free hair cuts/color/whatever I wanted.  I do believe my next color will be red.
4. I rode my bike all winter just like I told everyone I was going to.    
5. Lately I've been toying with the idea of going vegan again.  
6. Speaking of which, I'm really into mock meats lately and am loving trying all the different ones I come across.  There's a little Chinese tea shop that sells lots of different ones...some are even shaped like the animal.  Mock meat lobster anyone?  
7. I practice yoga regularly and have for 2 months, now going on 3.  I most highly recommend it.
8. I don't think I'll be returning to school next year, McG just wasn't my cup of tea.
9. I do, however, intend to stay in Montreal.  This city is, and I have said it before, brilliant.
10. I don't speak as much French as I'd like to, this is mostly my own fault. 
11. Although, part of the burden comes from the fact that Canadian French is in no way similar to the French I was taught in school and spoke in France.  This is not a bad thing, just something that takes getting used to.  Calice!
12. I miss my friends more and more everyday.  We have our letters and phone calls, alas, there is still a void that cannot be filled.
13. I have more boy friends here then I have ever had in my whole's quite a change.  Almost all of the friends that I see on a regular basis or that call me to hang out are boys.  I miss having girl friends, where you at ladies? 
14. I've been having very vivid dreams and remembering my dreams more often since moving here.  Nothing too exciting to report, however, usually it's just random and bizarre.
15. I am currently addicted to the show Carnivale.  
16. Inspired by Carnivale I intend to give our new bedroom in the loft a sort of 'trampy/vagabond/backstagey' type of feel to it by hanging sheets from the ceiling to create a canopy over the bed.  For his part Mr. Man wants to nail branches to the walls in the living room area, also in an effort to create a canopy.  It's hard to explain I guess?  Rest assured it will be a thing of beauty, photos of completed said projects to follow.  
17. After missing my friends the second thing I miss the most is traveling; I miss Europe pretty hard too.  le sigh.
18. Quite often people here ask me if I am Dutch.  I am not.
19. Yesterday I bought my first pair of jeans in almost 3 years.  I wear dresses and skirts usually but this proves impractical for biking (especially in winter).  I avoid even trying on jeans because I'm usually disappointed however, I tried on a pair (skinnies with blue and white train conductor stripes) and can't remember this last time I felt this giddy about a pair of jeans.  High school maybe? 
20. I love Michelle Obama.  Who doesn't?