mardi, janvier 15

What are you, a pair of queens?

I practically skipped my way into the classroom today I was so thrilled with the lesson I had planned: A Streetcar Named Desire! Oh yes I couldn't contain myself and told everyone right away, "It's your lucky day". I then asked for actors, historians, and sociologists...actors to play out 2 scenes I had selected, historians to read about and summarize Tennessee Williams' life, and sociologists to explain the history and context of the play. I'd be lying if I said it didn't go brilliantly. The actors were so excited about their scene and even used make shift props to help give the scene a bit of depth. Unfortunately we didn't have time to watch clips from the movie and the actors were only able to act out one of their scenes which means I've already got my lesson planned for next week. Jackpot. We're going to finish up the acting, watch the clips, and then do a modern day French version of Streetcar which the students will write and act out themselves. Goddamn it I love my job. And my kids are great, they're the best!

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