lundi, janvier 14

Young & restless

We've been without internet and phone for the past few that it has been restored to us I've been glued to my laptop for the past 3 hours. Yes, really. I am empty and soul-less without it. Oh internet, my connection to a world greater then what I live in now, you complete me. As is evidence of my boredom without said outlet I found myself reading, sleeping, eating, and watching tv a lot more. In short I was living much how I imagine people did in the dark ages, and dark times they were. Anyways it is quite late and I should put myself to bed as my eyes have become blood-shot and I have begun contemplating dying my hair neon pink or black just to spice things up a bit. (Life here really is dull.) Yes, really. I just need. I need something more. Do you know what I mean? (Good night)

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