mercredi, décembre 12

Etsy is my cocaine

Things Overheard That Made Me Smile:

At the yarn store: "She's been in here before...she's foreign." (I had to try not to laugh as the women at the yarn store said this, they must have thought that I didn't speak French.)

My house: "My bookshelf is arranged by subject, over here we have the poetry for Sarah, and over here..." (Rene, telling Chantal about his books.

Things are still pretty darn good. I've become quite enamored with drawing lately and am trying to draw little characters of my friends. I don't have much talent but I know that the more I practice the easier it will get. Also have become quite taken with Etsy (online world of homemade crafts) and have bought 2 Christmas gifts as well as some goodies for myself. However, becoming an Etsy addict hasn't just meant that I stay up late and screw around with all the fun features and look at random things that I can't afford/don't's also been a great inspiration for me. I've always loved creating, making, and doing. Etsy has lit a fire under me and I find myself doing more creating: knitting more, drawing more, learning how to sew, planning out things that I'd like to make, buying art supplies, etc etc. And I'm setting a new goal for myself here and now, I hope to open my own Etsy store by the end of next fall. Perhaps you'd like to own a little piece of La Fille en Rose for yourself? Soon you shall!

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