lundi, décembre 10

I'm set free

I've been quite the busy bee lately. Ever since my birthday I feel like I've finally fallen into the swing of things here, have finally started to accept that this is my life. The day started off a bit humdrum and I found myself feeling lonesome, however, I had the most wonderful birthday dinner celebration with the other assistants. I was overwhelmed by everyone's generosity and good spirits, it felt so nice to have everyone come together around the table and enjoy good food and good conversation. After that night I began to do more me-like things...the things I loved doing before but for some reason had left by the wayside since arriving here. For example, I went to the library at my high school and was delighted to discover their extensive collection of English literature...I immediately threw myself into reading and finished 2 books over the weekend. Friday night I went to my first 'Fest Noz' (a big joyful Breton dance party) where I had the most lovely time. Saturday too was a full day of reading in my favorite cafe, finishing up knitting a gift, and game night at a fun wine bar. Sunday I saw I'm Not There (incredible film, I haven't stopped thinking about it since) with 2 other assistants and our new silly German friend. After we went to discuss the film over pastries at a little tea salon. As far as I'm concerned this productivity feels like it's going to continue to continue well into the week. (Today, for example, I accomplished my entire 'to do' list...quel feat!)

In other news worthy happenings I am pleased to announce, I'm now legal! I received my illusive carte de sejour today, hurrah! Take that french bureaucracy, you can't get me down! Upon closer review of the card, however, I noticed that although I was legal I was legal for a mere blink of an eye because the card expires at the end of May. It appears Mother France won't allow me to overstay my welcome, in fact, I'm practically being shown out the door after all the rigmarole of documentation has taken place. And, well, for some reason it didn't get me down. Perhaps it's because I've just been so damn effervescent lately, but it almost made me happy...because it made me think of Portland. It made me think about how much I can't wait to move to this secret city dream of mine that already feels so much like home despite my millions of miles of distance from it and the simple fact that I've never even seen it with my own eyes. The date of expiration on my card means that I'm coming back. Coming back sooner then imagined, and that makes this girl quite happy, although, to be honest, I'm suddenly quite happy with here. Being here, and what I'm creating here.

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