jeudi, décembre 13

First frost

Today was by far the coldest day I've seen since arriving. Something about it was so beautiful, though. I don't know how to explain it really, but this frost felt so different from the ones I'm used to. Each little leaf was carefully edged in tiny ice crystals and every small object on the sidewalk and in the street looked like it had a ghostly shadow thrown over it. The sky too seemed to hang onto being blue longer and didn't let the sun through until well past 10. I made sure to bundle myself up good, Thursdays I have to walk to take the bus to the primaire, I put on warm socks and leg warmers and the world's longest and warmest scarf (which my mother always insists I pack) my big woolly pink hat and my mittens. Walking down the street I tried to conceal my smile as I laughed. It felt good to be so tightly bound in a million layers; I'm quite at home in the cold.

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