mercredi, août 22

We've made contact, or, you're invited

Through the beauty and grace that is the internet I have been fortunate to ‘meet’ several of my fellow assistants through email & facebook. In addition to meeting and greeting, however, a few of us have made the acquaintance of Guillaume, an actual inhabitant of St. Brieuc! 'Gui' has been very helpful and nice to sent me a most exciting and informative email in which he informed me, “to busy yourself, you have different clubs of sport from sea sport, until climbing or celtic dances... many!!” (Before I continue, a pertinent observation about the French. Why is it that most French people I know use an astounding number of exclamation points and smiley faces when they write an email? It's rather alarming, especially when one stops to remember that the French are well-known for being guarded in real-life…where is all this happiness and excitement coming from? Is the internet the only safe outlet for a French person to smile?)

What? Celtic dancing? Well why didn't you say so earlier? Celtic dancing it is! (You may think, dear reader, that I am joking. I assure you I am not.) What kind of attire would one need for Celtic dancing? From my experience it has been a curly wig and some form a strappy black shoe. However, aside from teaching young whippersnappers swear words in English and clog dancing with the best of them I fear I'll still have a lot of free time on my hands. Guillaume also warned, "places to have fun.. there're very few... unfortunatelly, it's a kind of "ghost" town! :-DD". To be honest, I wasn't as excited about the prospect of a 'ghost town' as Gui. So what is this fille to do in a small town with extra time...why start baking and plan a party of course!

Thanks to my insider knowledge I've decided that what this town really needs is someone (or something) to spice it up. I'm going to be St. Brieuc’s first party fact I've already extended an invitation to all of my fellow assistants, 'T'inquiet pas! La soirée va être chez moi!' (don't worry, the party's at my house). Since everything is closed on Sunday (EVERYTHING...yes even the hospital so pray to the baby jesus that you don't get fatally maimed on a Sunday.) I believe that it will be the perfect day to indulge ourselves in a long and delicious Sunday meal with all of trimmings... wine, champagne, fancy little cakey tart things with elaborate frosting, cheese, baguette, etc. We'll eat off of fancy dishes, wear our Sunday best, and bicker and gossip about all the silly people in our small'll be like we're already family.

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LB a dit…

What you're supposed to do is 'se ballader'. Sunday is the day to see and be seen in small town France. Unless of course you have a cottage in the countryside, in which case it's acceptable to go there if you invite lots of people.

While making the rounds you will probably be expected to stop and chit chat with your students and their parents. I guess that makes the champagne soiree that much more fun.

Samantha a dit…

LOL about the curly wig and strappy black shoes. don't worry, fest nozs don't even any sort of costume whatsoever - they're just community dances with people of all age ranges, from babies on up to grandparents. they often serve a meal with either wine or cider. it's worth going to at least once, at least to say you've done the "pinky dances" (you'll know what i mean when you see it)!

and i'm telling you, the SB crew are always the ones that seem to have the most fun - so despite the Gui telling you the town is mort, i wouldn't worry about it! plus, have french connections helps, cuz then you learn about where all the parties are.

La Fille en Rose a dit…

lb...I will certainly be sure to parade myself around town for a leisurely walk on Sunday.

Sam...I'm really just being overly dramatic. In all honesty I can't wait to live by the sea & I really am excited about the pinky dance!