vendredi, août 24

Mmmm & ooooh

Well, now I just realized that my 100th post passed without any fanfare! In which case, this 101st post will be extra special...hurrah! 101st post! You're so special and loved!


Moving on to more important matters, I went out for dinner with pal to French Country Meadow where I can order my favorite salad (to exist ever!) and we decided to try pineapple wine since it seemed so interesting and refreshingly different and my god! My senses are still all aglow from it...just thinking about it! And speaking of aglow and happiness and excitement I saw Stardust the other day and I highly recommend that you all go see this film. I stared up at the screen in complete wonder and amazement with a huge smile on my face throughout the whole film. Do yourself a favor and see this movie...then go drink pineapple wine.

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