mardi, août 21

At it again

Lately, unless I have something to do from dawn until dusk, I'm stir crazy. I think it's mostly because I've been feeling sad again about leaving and if I'm alone with my thoughts then I start to get all worked up & emotional...not that I'm trying to repress these emotions per se, rather I just don't want to deal with them right now. (...and that's not an oxymoron at all.) So the other night I called up Miss Emma to see if she’d like to bake a cake with me. (I’d been staring at pictures of Ladurée macaroons and dreaming about elaborate French pastries. 32 more days…almost there, almost!) I wanted to make something a bit involved so I looked for a complicated recipe and stumbled upon ‘Hazelnut crunch cake with Mascarpone cream frosting and chocolate', some sort of zillion step cake with lots of ingredients, success! I put on my June Cleaver house dress to get myself in the mood, swung by to pick up an extensive list of ingredients, and off I flew to Miss Emma’s where we began with the first, and most important, step in baking: opening a bottle of wine. The cake was a beautiful labor of love and we brought it over to little Nicky’s house where we all had drinks & were merry. Hurrah, another baking triumph!

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