samedi, août 18

Toute Seule

My camera is broke so I can’t post you a photo of what my world looks like today, but if I could I’d take a picture of my dining room window…not focusing on the window, but rather the rain drops streaming down it. (Today is dreary and I’m leaving all of the lights off. Even though it’s rainy and gray there’s still enough light to live by without having to turn them on.) Sometimes I like days like today, wet concrete, a cold wind, small but determined raindrops that fall endlessly, & no clouds, just gray all over. (Firetrucks scream down my street in a blur of red anticipation, do you suppose the rain could ever put out a fire?) I believe there’s a sense of comfort in having to accept the fate of a rainy day…it means staying indoors and rethinking the day. There’s certainly a lot of thinking and rethinking going on in my head right now. I haven’t received the happiest of news lately; it appears I may not have a special someone picking me up at the airport in Paris when I arrive. Most devastating of all, my parents were serious when they said the neighbor would drop me at the bus stop so I could take the bus down to the Chicago airport & catch my plane to Paris. They’re going to be out of town with friends. Oh, oh.

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