jeudi, août 16

Variation on a theme

Once again, let me say, I love my job. Last Saturday, however, was the worst day at work ever, ever. I actually cried. (yeah…) I was so stressed out, and well, it’s a long story and not terribly interesting. The best part of it was that I am now getting the support and backup I need from everyone because I wasn’t in the wrong. I did the best I could given the circumstances. Anyways, after the quagmire of a shift Miss Emma and I went out for drinks and had a lovely time at our favorite spot. We started off the night with Champagne and moved into blueberry vodka tonics, lemon drops, and some kind of toxic mystery shot. There were friends from work who popped by and new acquaintances formed, in short, we all turned a sour evening sublime and I couldn’t have been more surprised at the turnaround. Tonight, similar as well. I went over to our spot with friends from work and we had a fun and silly night, and yes, I got a bit sauced on a Wednesday night. (Social conventions be damned…I will wine myself on Wednesday should I so please!) Which brings me back to the main point, the item on the agenda, the issue at hand: I love my job. Love it.

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