lundi, août 27

An appeal to stop the hands of time

Dear One Who Winds The Clocks,

Please feel no need to keep watch over time and its quick passing. These past few months have been grand, lovely in fact, and I’d be quite satisfied if I were to live in a time bubble of this summer indefinitely. You see I’m not quite ready to deal with my life after this summer because it’s going to get very complicated and involve a lot good-byeing and traumatic tearing away of an extensive root system which I’ve worked hard at cultivating. As evidence of my true feelings I’ve enclosed a photo taken at a party in which I and a friend of mine wore star sunglasses, which were given to us as a party favor. As you can see we’re voguing for the camera because we’re so totally amazing and if the hands of time are not stopped I fear I may never vogue for the camera again, indeed I may just break my star sunglasses because what’s the sense in even having them if I cannot smile and be happy with the ones that I love in the moments that make this summer timeless.


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