mercredi, mai 9

Elle commence

Friends, lovers, strangers, I have news. Big news. I am moving to France in September. So far the details of my assignment are thus: I will be teaching at a grade school somewhere in Brittany. (!) You cannot even imagine how happy this makes me. All day long it's all I've been able to think about...I've already begun to think about what I plan on packing and which countries I want to visit. (Answer: all of my dresses, booksbooksbooks, my watercolors, & knitting needles. Iceland, Berlin, Amsterdam, Oslo, Athens, ...Istanbul too, perhaps?)

So it looks like the first decision has already been made in response to the grand and oft looming, "What Are You Going To Do After Graduation?" I'm not one to brag or show off, I'm generally pretty humble about my life. But, I'm going to France to teach English. I'm going to live in one of the most charming parts of the country (near the ocean, I hope). I'm going to earn a livable wage while only working 15 hours a week. I'm going to sit in a cafe all day reading, writing, & people watching. Tough luck. Hope I can handle all the pressure of having the most amazing 8 months of my life.

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