lundi, mai 7


I am in love. I bought the most lovely dress to exist ever. Ever. A dainty swiss dot fabric in a faded pale apricot color with a trail of 9 tiny buttons, a delicate collar, and the faintest rufflely flutter of a sleeve. Something about the dress speaks of the 70's to me...makes me want to be a swingin' 70's lady braless & carefree with long flowing hair and amber jewelry. It's the kind of dress that makes me want to run through fields of daisies, frolicking and holding a basket filled with a picnic lunch, go for a bike ride, walk along the shore of the ocean looking for seashells, wear a large sunhat, makes me want to drink iced tea or lemonade or both. Oh yes this dress sure is something & its got my mind off and running every time I think about it. Foolish girl, you say. Well, maybe. I tend to get carried away quite easily, but I swear to you this dress is the essence of bliss. It's summer defined. Careless, simple, pretty, elegant, youthful, etc etc amen.

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