lundi, avril 23

No joke

As was aforementioned I am living in a bit of a nebulous state right now trying to figure what I am going to do after I graduate and, equally important, how I am going to do it. I feel like the only thing that makes sense right now is to do something completely oxymoronic (existentialist?) as that sounds. Since nothing seems to make an ounce of sense anymore and I'm feeling careless and out of sorts the only logical thing I can think to do is jump out of a plane.


Who wants to go skydiving with me? I'm afraid of heights and I'm sure I'll probably freak as soon as they open the door...but what a rush! What a thrill! What an insane, foolish, harebrained, crazy, incredible, fantastic, ridiculous idea it is! For some time I've had this notion in me that I want to feel weightless. I want to feel the sensation of falling through the clouds, I want to break the rules, be almost bird-like with a rush of wind on all sides of my body as I fall. Seriously. Who's with me?

2 commentaires:

natalie a dit…

I will fly with you...

La Fille en Rose a dit…

but will you jump with me?