vendredi, avril 20

Also, dandelions

Oh my, oh my dear readers and friends. It certainly has been a while since the last post. Right now I'm in a bit of a chaotic storm and I'm not sure exactly which way to cover. School is almost out, spring appears to have arrived, and I am still jobless for the future. Other areas of my life seem a bit prone to trouble as well...but I won't go into detail. I have also begun to feel the first twinges of wanderlust pulling at my shoelaces again. I need to travel. I'm sure I won't be able to make it to as far as I'd like to go (New York, Montreal, California) but I at least need to make a trip down to Chicago/Milwaukee to visit a dear friend. All fussiness aside I think the best cure for what I've got is to straighten up. I've gone through my drawers and shelves and have removed everything that I know I haven't worn/read/used in the past year. It feels so good to lighten the load and get rid of all the clutter. Second I'm going to start going for walks/bike rides because they calm me down and make me live slower. I love seeing what's going on outside & this city is an amazing place to watch because it is in a constant state of growth and change. The fact that the days are longer (sunnier too, it seems) and the grass is becoming green again is definitely helping turn my mood around. It's the simple things, people. Sunny days, afternoons with great friends, t shirt weather, etc. make me so much happier than anything anyone could ever buy. And let me not forget my favorite reminder of spring, dandelions. Everywhere, dandelions. It's time to start smiling again.

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