vendredi, décembre 8

I never owned a pair of rubber boots as a child

Most of the time I live a pretty frugal lifestyle, although sometimes I like to think of it as bohemian. (It sounds more romantic.) Yesterday, however, was not one of those days. I was on a mission to find a pair of hiking boots for a backpacking trip I'm going to be taking to California in January. Of course I didn't have much money or time to spend looking so I went to a thrift store and a discount store that were quite a drive away. I didn't find anything, but of course, continued to aimlessly wander the stores and look at things I couldn't afford let alone need. Then, I saw these...

Swoon. I absolutely had to buy them. Immediately I had visions of myself living in a small coastal town of Brittany (where I hope to teach English next year) walking along the beach exploring tide pools or jumping in puddles and skipping along the boardwalk. Of course, after imagining life with the boots, I couldn't imagine life without them. Thus I now own a pair of pink, maroon, & white plaid rubber boots. By far my most frivolous purchase ever. Sure hope I can make next month's rent...A bientôt!

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