dimanche, décembre 10


I really need to be working on my thesis. (Topic: representations of the French revolution in contemporary theatre; en français bien sur!) But I can't seem to focus...I had quite a lazy and lovely weekend filled with red wine, old friends, Christmas cookies, & long naps. Which, in my opinion, is exactly what winter should be filled with. And I have a new and crazy obsession in my morning routine: I make myself espresso and eat an orange and a little bit of dark chocolate. SO GOOD. I just wish there was some way to combine all three, or make some little lunchables combo out of it. Maybe the smart people at Dairy Queen could make a new blizzard flavor...chocolate orange infused ice cream and you could pour coffee over it...like a root beer float, but with coffee. It's only a matter of time people. Unfortunately reality will not allow me to further my plans of world domination through chocolate orange coffee floats because my thesis is due....in a week. Zut! More about my new obsession later. Onto the revolution...A bientôt!