dimanche, novembre 26

Blah blah

Long time no blog. I still find myself forgetting that I have a blog. I am now a blogger. eep. I can't help but feel like I have nothing to blog about. What's the point of writing the useless events of my life on this forum? So that someone I've never met in kansas can read it? Feel like they relate to me? Blah there I go bashing blogs again. Ok so here's what happened this weekend: I went home for thanksgiving, by my second night home had managed to get into a fight with everyone in my family, had a tense weekend, had the flu, saw old friends from highschool, had my parents buy me lots of grocceries that I could never afford & then high-tailed it back up to MN. So, yeah. Sorry for the boring and lame entry. I'll try to come up with a punch-line or something funny/interesting for next time. A bientôt?

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