mercredi, décembre 13

Fast forward to a week from now

Don't you wish that life had a fast forward and rewind button? So that you could fast forward the boring parts or the parts you hate/don't want to remember/be a part of and then get to the good/exciting parts that you hate waiting for? You could also fast forward to see what is going to happen so you'd in a sense, know what the future holds, then rewind back to the present and be all wise and smart alecky and say to people, 'I wouldn't do that if I were you' and everyone would be all 'what do you know' and you could just slyly shrug your shoulders and say 'don't say I didn't warn you.' Or with the rewind button you could go back in time to relive all the good memories whenever you were sad and lonely or missed the way things used to be. Don't you wish that we all had buttons to control what moments in life we want to be a part of? I do. I wish life had buttons.

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