mardi, décembre 12

Miso leek potato bean soup, take one

Insomnia is a part of my life whenever I am extremely stressed or my mind is preoccupied. Since both are true right now I can't seem to get myself to bed at a normal hour. As a result I’ve been having c.r.a.z.y dreams every night. Today, however, I was actually quite productive and did get work done on my thesis. Yay self. Pat on the back. But (drat! not the inevitable but!) then I came home and didn't get anything done. In fact, I'm baking blueberry muffins and some bizarre form of a bean soup that I just decided to whip up. It's incredible how successfully I can avoid doing my homework. Although this bean soup conundrum is certainly more than I bargained for (The phenomenon that food increases in size as it is cooked is something I will never comprehend.) and now I'm scrambling to find a cauldron sized cooking pot large enough to contain the world's largest vat of soup. This small snafu could've turned into a good, even charitable action; I imagine myself ladling out warm soup to the homeless or even filling jam jars with soup for sick friends. (Because my soup would have magical shamanistic healing powers.) Unfortunately I don't foresee any of this happening because I don't have nearly enough spices and seasonings to add to this drab pot of soup, a portion of soup this large requires fists of sea salt & acres of fresh herbs to garnish it. And guess who doesn't have either. So what does that mean? Don’t mix multiple packages of soup together and try to be Nigella Lawson at 1:00am in the morning or bake blueberry muffins and force feed them to your roommate when you should be working on your thesis or studying for an exam. Lesson learned.

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