jeudi, décembre 14

Alice in Wonderland

I'm a total fashion magazine junkie, I look up all of the seasonal collections online, I cover my room in fashion ads, I get giddy about fashion tv, the list goes on. I suppose you could say I'm a bit of a closeted fashion whore. I usually buy all/most of my clothes at second-hand or thrift stores because I like vintage clothing. It's different than what most stores make in addition to being cheap and significantly more original & interesting to look at. Lately I'm all about dresses, especially with boots. Since I'm just about the laziest person on the planet anything that reduces my hectic schedule of doing absolutely nothing at all is greatly appreciated. I mean come on, it's a dress. One could think of it as sort of 'onesie' for the adult career minded women, if you will. You put it on & you're set for the day. Sign me up. Lately, however, I've been in a minimalist mindset. Don't get me wrong, I have totally embraced the gender roles that society has delt me; skirts, petticoats, garder belts, corsets, tiaras, you name it. But suddenly, I really like dressing in plain & simple clothes, nothing too girly or frilly. I liken it to something similiar to Diane Keaton in Annie Hall where she wears overtly masculine outfits (like vests and ties) but also very simple things like t-shirts with trousers. This whole unisex clothing look has really got me hot and bothered. Jeans, chucks/flats, and a plain t-shirt, it's totally hot people. Albeit not everyone can pull off this look, but I find those who can extremely alluring because they are literally NOT TRYING AT ALL! Ohhh the clever ability to be lazy and yet ever so stylish.

Ok so where is all this ranting and raving headed? Are we on a lost train of a blog headed straight for nowhere with no end in sight? O ye of little faith. Would I ever post a blog with no point or message? (umm...) People, my point is this: today I got a significant amount of work done so I spent the following 3 hours looking at the new spring collections online and discovered that I absolutely ADORE the new Chloé Spring 2007 collection. I know I know, I just got done saying that I'm big into androgynous clothing right now, but come on. There's just no avoiding how adorable this collection is; so adorable you'll want to pinch it's little cheeks. (Seriously. It's just that cute.) It's that 60's/70's inspired on the cusp of lady-like but also girlish with those great colors like mustard yellow, coral, & muted browns that flatter almost any skin tone. It's vintage but also modern and minimalist too with the elements of interest being mostly the color of the garments and the cut, what's not to love?

Chloé Spring 2007 Ready-to-wear Collections (Large #008)

This look reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. The classic white shirt with rounded edge collar, bow around the neck, and black patent leather mary janes. The high-waisted and cuffed grandpa-esque trousers give the outfit a bit of an uniquely masculine twist.

Chloé Spring 2007 Ready-to-wear Collections (Large #010)

These colors are simply smashing together & make me think of London during the 'swinging 60s'. I like the high-waisted skirt, but it's just a smidgen too high for me here, nevertheless it's an enviable outfit. Such a great decade for fashion with the long simple hair, head bands, peter pan collars, mary janes, knee socks, etc etc.

Chloé Spring 2007 Ready-to-wear Collections (Large #033)

This dress is a teetering on the edge of a saucy little nightie, especially with the collar & ruffles. But goddamn I can't get over how much I love the shoes. It works together because it's effortless & oh so sexy. Once again, I cannot stress how much I love wearing dresses. It's as easy as 1. (2 & 3 need not apply)

So there you have it, chers amis, j'adore la mode.

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