samedi, novembre 4

Here we go...

Wow. Here I am posting a blog. This is my first official blog, as a blogger. I am now one who 'blogs'. Test. Testing. I hardly know what to say on such a momentous occasion...and yet it really isn't anything to get excited over. This is merely one more distraction or reason for me to be on a computer. hmm. Bad decision maybe? Just one more bookmark to add to the list of things I do to 'pass time'. However, this blog feels like a small threat in comparison to the fact that I've recently discovered youtube. (I'm a bit of a late bloomer) initially it wasn't so bad. I would simply type in the song I wanted to listen to (because I don't have a downloading program on my computer) then branched out into other various types of media clips...and now I've gotten hooked on watching videos posted from complete randoms in whothehellknowswhere, kentucky or some emo kid's rendition of a music video. What can I say? I find myself fascinated and perplexed by these people's totally awesome bizarreness. It's exciting really. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a cultural anthropologist as I laugh condescendingly and take notes. And yet. Here I am. Joining the masses to proclaim, I too have a voice. I can only hope this won't turn me into a complete computer/cyberspace junkie. Let's face the facts, if you find yourself on the internet at 2:00am in the morning reading a blog or watching youtube while commenting on your friend's new myspace picture it's time to reevaluate, n'est pas? Well that's enough internet bashing for one blog (first blog!!) A bientôt mes amis

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