mardi, septembre 22

A quick update

A list of things to say:

1. I didn't want to be a server again but New York is a city that necessitates working, earning money, and pay too much for your apartment; thus it was the fastest job I could get.
2. I work at a swanky restaurant, I see a constant stream of celebrities almost everyday that I work. I guess it's a fair trade off, at least for a while, having fun at work and meeting movie stars. I can handle doing this for a bit.
3. I think New York is a great city. I'm getting better at being here everyday.
4. I just had the best veggie burger of my life at a little coffee shop that I like to go to for the free internet.
5. The nice thing about being here is that everyone wants to visit, I've already seen one very good friend, have another one coming in a few days as well as R's mom. Next month I'll have 2 more visiting.
6. I'm going back to Montreal on Sunday for the bike trip R and I planned a while back. We're biking from Montreal to NYC and then he'll be in the city for a week, hurrah!
7. We're experiencing a much needed and much enjoyed Indian summer right now. I wish the whole summer had been like this; 70 degree days, sunny but not overwhelming, gentle breezes.
8. But, I'm very excited for fall. I've always though fall must be beautiful here. All those trees turning colors in Central Park...
9. There is no number 9.

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