vendredi, septembre 11

On finding safe spaces

It's raining and windy in New York, in fact, one might as well just call this day snarly. I'm in a nice coffee shop I like to think of as my own since I've been here all of 2 times. It's got lots of tables and chairs, nice dim lighting, usually good music, affordable joe, and sometimes wireless. I like to sit in the very back corner and feel tucked away, and comfortable, and safe. I think the important thing about moving to a new place is finding places that feel recognizable. Last night I went to a reading of author Tao Lin at a great little independent book store and found that same feeling; it felt like a safe space. Rainy days are good for that, for hiding away and hibernating a bit. I've been training hard at my new job, a swanky restaurant in Soho and finally got a few days break before I officially begin on Sunday. Lucky me to be here and safe with hot coffee, my mac, my journal, my book, and you.

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