dimanche, janvier 4


Goals for the new year:

1. Get a new job
2. Figure out my finances (boring I know)
3. Travel

I went home (stateside) and travelled back again. Seeing everyone (friends & fam) certainly was grand, but I was itching to get back to Montreal. After only having lived here for 4 months I already feel like I can call this place home. Coming back to friendly faces and hugs from everyone who had missed me (despite having only been gone for 9 days) was the best. I think if ever there were a city I was fated to live in, perhaps Montreal would be it. The only major pitfall of this love affair of a life here is the weather. Boo to you cold wind and snow. I suppose those are just minor details in the grand scheme of it all. Hope you are well, dear reader, did I lose you in those 2 months without posting? If not I thank you for sticking around...more to come later.

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