lundi, novembre 24

"I love you," she said

It's been almost a month since my last post so I figure it's about time to throw you a bone and put finger to keyboard (as opposed to pen to paper, although I've been papering it up quite frequently and keeping in correspondence with some clever pen pals who understand my adoration of the written word when written by hand). Lately I've been doing the usual, work, hang out, chill, ride my bike, yoga every once and a while, cooking soup, etc. Every Sunday there's a big dinner party with different people at a friend's apartment which really ends up being the highlight of my week, we all bring different dishes and wines and have a big urban family dinner. And as long as I'm on the subject of good food and great people might I say in passing that my roommate works at fantastic bakery just around the corner from our apartment and constantly brings me home sinfully delicious little french desserts and fresh baked breads? She's just such a difficult roommate to have around...

In other news I've been posing for a few photographs lately, which feels silly since I've never actually done that before. Since so many people are interested in the arts everyone seems to have a side project or activity they work on; many of my friends are photographers and have asked me to sit for them. My most favorite experience was a fashion photo shoot for a friend's class; I was dressed in a poufy peach prom dress and a furry Soviet-esque fur cap with a make up explosion of neon pink, mauve, blue, and silver...I looked like a trashy back alley crack whore Russian prom barbie from the 80's, which is to say, very sexy indeed. Through this joyous photo shoot I met and made friends with another photographer who got me a discount hair cut (and a great one at that) at her salon and through that I met the owner of the salon (I believe) and am now going to be a hair model for a L'Oreal hair show they'll compete in. The fun doesn't stop there dear readers as I will also be doing a concept shoot for a *fabulous* local designer (who also happens to be a friend), as compensation I've been promised an outfit of my choice. (!!!!!!) So far, so great. Right now it's snowing to beat the band and I really should get back to studying since I've got a very nasty final exam awaiting me tomorrow. Curse you fates! I have no will to study, I only wish to run and frolic through this night of snowy wonder. I'm honestly so happy right, make up, photo shoots, free clothes, & snow! Also, I just bought a new winter coat (large dramatic collar, ruched sleeves, bells out then tappers in, marled grey and white tweed) because it was so terribly reminiscent of my dear Parisian fille extraordinaire, Anais, a terribly stylish girl with a fantastic eye. Photos forthcoming, promise!

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