jeudi, juillet 3

Notes on today

Out out, out with these feelings to uneasiness. Today I woke up early, before my alarm even, and puttered about the apartment before deciding to head over to the coop for a cup of coffee and a carrot cashew muffin. I suppose I woke up early because I had an interpreting appointment at MN Advocates and those always make me a bit nervous, I say yes to them because I want to help in any way possible and it's excellent practice for my French. (Also, it's good to test yourself. I realize I need to push myself to go further, I underestimate what I can do and settle for less too often.) I was about half way through my muffin when I felt like I was about to vomit, I immediately packed up my bag and ran into the bathroom. I guess I just felt queasy and needed a minute to calm down. At that point I began to wonder if I wasn't just sick and not nervous. Anyways I couldn't miss the appointment and biked down town just fine. Sometimes I think I internalize these stories too much. It's like I feel that by interpreting them (which must be done in first person thus, when I was beaten, when they threatened me, when I escaped, etc.) it becomes partly my story too. After I biked over to the library, it's been entirely too long since I've come here and it still feels just like home. Somewhere in the shuffle of moving to and from France I misplaced my library card and had to get a new one. When I went to see about getting a new card the librarian asked me, When did you realize it was lost? To which I responded, When I tried to find it and couldn't. We both laughed. So there you have it. In other news I've been working like crazy and I kissed a rock star. Now I'm off to go check out my book (Calvino again. He's quickly becoming a favorite.) and a dvd (Truffaut! L'amour en Fuite!) & then it's time for the beach. See you soon friend.

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Alisa a dit…

i propose when i get back to mpls we finally meet up, and maybe get some wine and speak some french. :) cuz i know already that i'm going to be uber déprimée when i step off the plane... :(

La Fille en Rose a dit…

aww, come now come now it'll be alright...lucky for us minneapolis is an amazing city. we'll go get wine and fondue at barbette & be happy & grand & great!