samedi, juin 28

Disappearing act

So silly to think that my late night slip up could result in such embarrassing and foolish acts, I swear I've never been this truly awful before. I don't wish to go into further detail, but I do wish to make my life smaller more compact & meaningful. I'm too caught up in the web of the web, I need to be a bit more reclusive and protective. I need to experience the visceral emotions of the real world outside. Time to start taking care & attending to what is real. My first step in cutting the ties was deleting my facebook profile. (Oh friends, it was so liberating & I most ardently recommend it to you.) Not such a big deal in the grander scheme of things, but I've found that many of my friends are Shocked (!) at having heard of such a scandal. How could I just up and leave? Why? How would I live without facebook? (Speaking of which today I was kicking around downtown and stopped in Macy's for a quick look at the dresses. I was approached by a saleswoman who said hello & asked if I had a Macy's charge card to which I responded no. What?! Where are you from?! The nerve of my not having a Macy's charge card, unheard of!) I'm also making a stronger effort to ease up on my after work socializing and boozing; no need to party every night of the week. In addition to this I'm prioritizing my running goal (8 miles by the end of summer) and today I ran 5. (5!) So goodbye facebook and goodbye drunken debauchery goodbye feeling of helplessness and hello ownership, acceptance, & gratitude. I do lead a good life, time to start taking care.

3 commentaires:

a cat of impossible colour a dit…

Wow, deleting your Facebook profile! That must be really liberating. So much time is wasted on there with 'friends' (real friends and Facebook friends are sometimes two different things). Well done!

La Fille en Rose a dit…

you know, it really was! since then i swear i've been much more in tune with my life in relation to the temporal world. life feels real again.

Natalie Galitzine a dit…

I got such a feeling of liberation when I read your post, - as if I have done all that! :o) It is great when you can look at your life, see what doesn't make you happy, what steals your time and nerves, - and let go of it, despite the potential little pleasures that you could have gotten keeping all that. I wish you all the best in your new healthier life :o)