mercredi, avril 16

The last glass

Yesterday was my last day at the primaire, as I hurried to catch my bus (last again) an old man stopped to watch me cross the street and then kindly tipped his hat at me. The kids were great and I was extremely touched by the farewell drawings they'd made for me, still can't believe I won't be seeing them again. Last night Ren came home with a tart and a bottle of champagne. He made a fire in the fire place and gave me a farewell gift and card; he's what I'll miss most about this town. Hard to believe it's already a part of the past. In two hours I take a train to Paris, in two days a train to Berlin, then a flight to Budapest, then a spaceship to whoknowswhere. This isn't the end dear readers, only a brief intermission. See you in a few weeks... je vous embrasse très fort.

2 commentaires:

Greer a dit…

Bon voyage et bonne chance!!

Lindsey a dit…

O friend I hope you have such a wonderful journey these next few weeks! I am so excited to hear all about it! Love you, xoxo