dimanche, avril 6

I'm a boss

Once, about 2 weeks ago, I had a sudden urge to listen to the song "Bossy" by Kelis. It was a desire stronger then me and I listened to that song an innumerable amount of times. Barbs and C-town were also subjected to my fanaticism of "Bossy" as well as my singing of the song whenever I wasn't cuing up the video on youtube. People, that song is the jam. It's the story of my life. I'm a boss. I'm the one he got tattooed on his arm. Etc. (Feel free to sing along)

Anyways long story short I kind of forgot about Kelis and her goodies until last night at the Fest Noz. (Fest Noz = a type of Breton dance party where people lock pinkies and dance until the morning light) I decided to spice things up by bringing several mixed drinks in my purse to help ease my lightness of foot whilst dancing. This ended up being the Best Idea Ever since this was a small Noz of Bretons mostly around the age of my parents. Nozing the night away we met some chaps who appeared to be our own age and had a similar sneaky plan to get the party started; they offered us a pull of their own secret concoction. We followed them out behind the parking lot where they pulled a bottle out of the bushes along with some plastic cups and we all said 'Sante' to being Breton and young and wild and crazy. At this point in the evening I was feeling incredibly joyous and happy and broke out my own version of "Bossy" (it just felt right). I then begin to take more pictures then Jesus knows what to do with and then Barbs and I played hopscotch before we got a ride home with I don't even know who...the lute player? Fast times in St. Bri. We live without limits.

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Lindsey a dit…

friend. i love you.

Leah a dit…

cause you're a boss.