jeudi, février 14

Sometimes I don't know which one to wear

...but I'm sure I'll wear them all at some point during these next 2 weeks. It's vacation time again; did I fail to mention that I've got another one? Lucky me because February happens to be my least favorite month of the entire year, does anyone else feel the same way? To me it's that odd time of year, the transition between winter and second winter (at least that's what it was like where I grew up in Wisconsin and Minnesota). You're stuck between winter and spring and wanting one or the other but certainly not February. February you are the year's biggest disappointment. I suppose that must be why Mother France has bestowed upon me yet another 2 weeks with which to frolic from country to country. This week's adventure being Paris and then Holland (Utrecht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam) followed by Switzerland (Geneva and Zurich, I believe). So, with that I must bid you adieu. See you in March, lovers.

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