mercredi, février 6

Paris saves

Hello lovers, sorry for the absence. The trip to Paris? It was grand. In all honesty it felt like couples therapy for me and France. We needed a little weekend getaway, some time to reflect on why we fell in love, what made the other special and unique. And let me say, the proverbial flame has officially been rekindled. There was some small bit of excitement and energy in everything and everywhere that I went: shopping, a new hair cut, dinning out (le marais), dancing (CAB, a great club by the Louvre), a museum (the Rodin, one of my all time favorites), a film (Sweeney Todd, meh, it was ok). I couldn't help but feel lighter, more free. (Something about this city makes me walk differently.) It felt inevitable, it felt like I was meant to be there, meant to live and love and exist in this city. And, at the risk of sounding like a complete skhizo, it made me want to stay. I've finally come to terms with being here, with the fact that this is my life now. I live in France, Paris is only a train ride away, and home, when I miss it, is only a phone call away.

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