samedi, octobre 13

Love to love you

Something about the French that I find quite curious and different from myself (and my culture) is that they always seem to be in a relationship. If they're not in a relationship then they're looking for one...but in a somewhat generic sense of the word. It feels like, from what I've observed, the French are always going from one relationship to another or staying in one while waiting for the next best thing to come along. We Americans always swoon over how romantic France feels with all of the happy couples holding hands or kissing or strolling through gardens; I have to say that I've reached a bit of a breaking point. Sometimes it looks fake. I'm used to being single, in fact, most of my American compatriots here are as well. We're used to looking and waiting before we even think about entering a relationship, let alone saying the big L word. I don't mean to say that the French don't really love but it feels like something about this obsession with the concept of love, dating, and relationships doesn't jive with the rest of French culture. Isn't this a culture that values quality over quantity and that won't settle for a substitute because it wants the real thing?

Dear France,
Dating can be fun.
But seriously, sometimes it's best to wait.

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Samantha a dit…

Ahh, France. The country of the insta-boyfriend. All's it takes is a phone number or one little kiss and *bam*, you're a couple. LOL

Seriously though, that was one of the things that disappointed me the most - the fact that there is no such thing as a platonic friendship here. Men and women have such sexually charged relationships that they find "just being friends" boring and don't see any point to it. And being friends with another woman's bf/husband/partner doesn't work either, because then the woman gets jealous - but can you blame her? Statistics say that almost 50% of French men & women have had an affair....