lundi, octobre 15

I've got all the time in the do nothing

I said no to taking a nap at 3:30 this afternoon because it was a waste of a rare and cherished sunny day, I said yes to going to the beach. Alas, my tiny bed won and I took a disgraceful 3 hour nap...ack! Now it's too late to do much of anything because everything here closes at 7:00. Something about this town or working a few hours a week makes me incredibly tired and unmotivated. On the brightside I planned my toussaint vacation yesterday and will be going to Stockholm! and Oslo! with 2 wonderful new assistant friends I have met here. And, keep this on the hush hush, I'm planning a wildly exciting fête this weekend because my landlord will finally be going out of town! (I'm thinking cidre, kir, wine, cake/tarte type things with pretty frosting, any number of small hors d'oeuvres, old fashioned games, etc. etc. suggestions?) Hurrah for freedom and fun...I hope I don't sleep through it.

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Anthony a dit…

Being back in Academia has had me feeling a bit of the same way - just tired against your will. It's like any second my body is not directly engaged, it just sighs and shuts down for a couple hours at a time. I need to work out more to combat the energy problem...

BUT your posts are making me incredibly excited for my holiday vacation. I c a n n o t wait.

And...Oslo??? YAY! My family's homeland (sort of, we're from closer to Bergen, but, to hell with it, Oslo certainly is closer than Wisconsin). Report to me from the land of ice and snow and Nobel committees, k?

La Fille en Rose a dit…

yes yes & yes...i promise a full report from the nordic north!