mercredi, juillet 25

New and improved

Check out the new do:

Compliments of the always lovely Esther who took pity on my poor and impoverished soul and cut my hair pro bono whilst under the influence of a delicious bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.

3 commentaires:

Vanessa a dit…

Hey Sarah - it's ness. as you already know, LOVE the haircut and I think it's genius. kudos to your friend with the drunk scissors.
i'm always an advocate of doing things while under the influence of cab. sauv. (one of my fave red wines btw)

Hope you're doing well - miss you!
p.s. I think you're in MN, but I'll be in bfield this weekend - let me know if you'll be in town.

Anthony a dit…

Marry me? (For a month...)

La Fille en Rose a dit…

Merci Ness :)

Tony, yes. Let's make it happen. One month of marital bliss is ours for the taking.