mardi, juin 26

Is 9:30 too early for onion soup leftovers? Or, How I became obsessed with onion soup

Yesterday Wonderful & Fantastic Ani came over for a late night supper. Since I'm up to my eyeballs in lettuce (an entire shopping bag-full for only $1 from the farmer's market) and she had just as many onions, so we decided to have a little vegetable dinner party. And just what does one make with 3 incredibly large onions? Why French onion soup of course! Sad as it is to mention, I've never honestly had French onion soup. The idea of it never seemed very appealing...& it's generally made with beef broth in which case it's a complete no go for me. Anyways W&FA came over with all the ingredients for the soup and set to work chopping & sautéing whist I prepared the salad and poured the wine (Which she also brought; it is the wine she grew up drinking 'Valpolicella' and it is magnifico! This is definitely a wine I will buy in the future.) We ate our salad while the soup simmered and reduced and then indulged in the most comforting, warm, soft flavored soup. When it was ready W&FA sliced some baguette and put the pieces in the bottom of each soup bowl, she then laddelled the soup onto it and sprinkled a generous portion of cheese on top. Wowza was it good! For dessert we had raspberry sorbet with dark chocolate bits sprinkled on top, parfait!

The purpose of W&FA’s visit, aside for a vegetable party, was to discuss her upcoming voyage…she is leaving Saturday for France and Belgium for a month, the scallywag. Of course I’m completely jealous and pouted for half of the evening but this is W&FA (and she just made me the best soup ever) so I also told her all of my favorite things in Paris and other places to see and go. Le sigh. W&FA will be in Paris and I’ll be sighing in my leftover onion soup wondering which city street she’ll be wandering at that moment. 89 more for me.

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