jeudi, juin 28

I work here

Last night's party had manditory glowsticks for both partygoers and staff. When I wasn't bedazzling guests in necklaces and glowsticks I was running out onto the dance floor whenever I heard a song I couldn't resist. Every now and again I'd sashay through the room and pick up empty wine glasses and cupcake wrappers. Mostly I changed glowstick colors throughout the night and invented new ways to wear them with my friends ( a halo, arm a genie, connect 3 bracelets together for a tricolor belt, etc, etc). When we weren't dancing or refreshing our glowsticks we'd run to the photobooth and take pictures together. Tough luck. Nobody said this job was going to be easy, or even, fun. It gets harder every time, but I always acquiesce. This weekend I'll be forced to work at a disco wedding...& I have to dress theme. (!!!)

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