mercredi, mai 23

Of, or pertaining to, Greatness

She is the best of the best. Someone who knows absolutely everything about me & will still listen when I tell more. She knows all my quirks and insecurities. She accepts me as I am, likes me when I'm me. A source of so much strength. She knows when I lie and tells me truth when I need to hear it. She knows when I'm down, She can hear it in my voice. She laughs at all my jokes. She is just like me, but She's still She...which I think I love the most. I'm me, She's She. Together We're 'We'...We make a really great We. She knows me well, We know each other well. We know We know each other well. Even though She had to go...I'm glad to know She's living the life She always wanted to. She makes me proud everyday. They'll never be another She for me, but that's ok. There could never be another. I hope She knows how happy I am when We're We.

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Lindsey a dit…

when we're We I am completely happy and there will never be another She for me. I miss you like none other friend and cannot wait to be We again.