vendredi, mai 25

The afterlife of students

Lately my life has felt like a bad re-run. I've only had two days off (no more school, no work, my roommates gone, Friend moved) and already I'm stir crazy. It literally only took me two days to go completely batty. I can't handle having nothing to do ('free time' as normal people call it). Yesterday I sat at home bored out of my mind all day (in my own defense it was raining) making lists of things I should have been doing. It was a complete nightmare...I have so much 'free time' on my hands that I've become annoying to myself. I don't know what to do with myself but I feel like being alone in a room for more then one day at a time is toxic.

Luckily today was better. I woke up fairly early and went over to a friend's. We made a delicious summer salad (mixed field greens, grapefruit slices, red onion, pistachios, and a simple was divine.) and hung out much of the afternoon. I then scurried home to get ready for work. Perfect. Days like today are just what the doctor ordered. All this sitting around with nothing to do (or plenty to do but no motivation to do it) has caused me to become the world's most lazy-unaccomplished-lame-dull-obnoxious-pathetic girl on the planet (a hard-earned title which I hope to dismantle one insulting word at a time). But I guess I should end this post before I deface myself any more (or continue to shamelessly use parentheses every other sentence).

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