jeudi, février 22

Don't act so surprised

This is what I told my mother after she practically cried when I said I was going to take a vacation to Paris in.....oh 2 weeks time. (!!!!) Hi, my name is Impulsive, I'm your daughter. Basically I've been crawling out of my skin lately & I need to travel/I don't care how much it costs me. I discussed this with Friend who assured me that this was indeed a good decision. Well of course it's a good decision, is going to Paris ever a bad decision? I've already complied a large list of what I want to see/do while I'm there...suggestions? I've been to Paris several times and lived there for seven months once, however something about this city always calls out to me. On the list of things to do is make sure that this trip remains me-centric. I will be visiting a few friends, however, I mostly want to explore the city and be out & about on my own. I can't wait to sit in a cafe all day and read or write or just people watch. Maybe I'll take a stroll through one of the many beautiful gardens and then grab a fresh baguette and a bottle of wine for dinner.....c'est incoyable ma vie. A bientôt chers amis.

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Anonyme a dit…

What are the dates you are planning to be in Paris? My sister and her husband will be in the Maldives at the beginning of March. Perhaps I can arrange for you to water their plants in exchange for a gorgeous apartment on the Seine in le Marais!?

La Fille en Rose a dit…

I am mere moments away from purchasing my ticket! March 8-16 (arriving on the 9th). I most certainly I would love to water their little french plants!