samedi, janvier 20

Stitching away the day

Wow. I've caught the knitting bug...and it's bad. My Dear Friend (DF) or Darling Fille taught me how to knit Thursday night. Friday I finished my scarf. However, not content to simply let one accomplishment settle me I looked up how to start another scarf (casting on) as well as how to purl (another type of stitch) and how to weave in another color. DF told me how impressed she was at how quickly I picked up knitting...I'm convinced that aside from being one of the chosen I was also motivated by how awesome it felt to make my own clothes. I've always been really excited about being 'self sufficient' or at least as much as possible. Growing my own vegetables in a garden, riding my bike, cutting my own hair, etc. Knitting is also another weapon for me to add to my womanly arsenal...all I need to learn next is how to press flowers and make my own pickles & jam preserves and I'll be well on my way to making myself marriageable material, gentlemen take notice.

The latest project is this wonderful little creation that I am making for myself using a delicious paprika colored yarn to start and adding stripes of a darker grey yarn. Eventually I want the scarf to be variegated, but not entirely. I'm letting the process happen organically...aka I add a stripe of grey wherever the hell I please.

Again let me reiterate how bad this knitting bug is: when I came home last night (somewhat tipsy) I began to knit again....which accounts for a few mis-stitchings and small holes in my scarf. oops. This morning the first thing I did when I got up was begin knitting. No teeth brushing or face washing, none of those time consuming useless tasks of personal hygiene. I continued to knit for several hours. Indeed the knitting bug is coursing through my veins compelling me to knit more, knit faster, knit with techniques I have not yet learned...I'm pretty sure that I now know what the onset of carpel tunnel syndrome or arthritis will feel like. And yet. I knit on.

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