lundi, janvier 1

Peg Bundy rings in the new year

Everyone always makes a big hype about new years eve and what they're doing for it. I didn't have any definite plans so I was a bit nervous about how my night was going to go. Not that I really cared because it's just a regular old day and the fact that we choose to celebrate December 31st as the beginning of the new year in a concept of time that we invented doesn't necessarily get me down .... Anyways Will and I went to a themed party at my friend's house in uptown. The theme: Blue Collar New Years (since let's face it, we're all liberal ed majors and are probably going to be hovering around the line of poverty/minimum wage type of employment.) Which brings us to...

Exhibit A: Peg Bundy

My costume was awesome, I had the belt around the waist, a pair of brown stovepipe jeans, fire engine red flats, and a sort of psuedo bouffant-hair-thing-going-on which was the closest to Peg Bundy my hair could get. Will & I stayed there long enough to ring in the new year

Then we went to 1st Ave where my friend was Dj'ing. We danced to AWESOME music & had a smashing time.

So all in all a pretty good time. I was glad to say goodbye to 2006, it started off as THE WORST YEAR EVER last year when I was in Paris. Yes, not even my beloved Paris could make up for the fact that last year's events and beginnings were at best apocalyptic. Nevertheless 2006 was also a year of a sort of renaissance with myself, I feel like I became more me-like this year...figured out more of what I like & don't like, what I want & don't want. Met some new and amazing people and appreciated the hell out of the old & great & completely necessary people in my life. And in the words of a great philosopher, 'can't nobody take my pride can't nobody hold me down....oh no, I gots ta keep on movin.' 2007 you better fucking bring it, because I am ready.

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