dimanche, décembre 31

Ready to return

Today was quite the French filled journey. I hung out with Will, it was a dreary rainy day so we drew at his apartment. Actually, he worked on watercolors at his easel and I sketched out some random images in charcoal. I hadn't drawn since Paris where I took a 3 hour painting atelier course twice a week...I forgot how much I like sketching & how relaxing it is. I got a bit antsy and wanted to find a book about bike maintenance, or at least something to read on my backpacking trip, so we went to a used book store by Will's. I didn't have any luck with books on bikes so I checked out the French section....and met a Frenchman. It was almost too convenient. I wish things like that happened more often, 'I decided to look for a pair of shoes to wear to work and Marc Jacobs was in my closet and handed me a pair'. If only. Anyways he recommended a few books I might like and was beginning to get a bit personal, luckily Will came through and saved me by having a complete lack of tact and manners and letting out the loudest yawn ever. Good friends are few and far between. I went home to take a nap because the rain was making me sleepy but ended up speaking with my beloved French theatre friend today via MSN. It was so fun to practice my French and hear how she's doing. Later on one of my friends who I studied abroad with in Paris (& who also studied at the same atelier I did) was in town came over for a Proper French Dinner chez moi: red wine, baguette, salad, pasta, espresso, & dessert. It was bittersweet to reminisce about our time abroad in Paris...then she gave me the Christmas present ever, her journal from Paris! She kept a regular journal while in Paris and then published several copies when she returned home...I cannot wait to begin reading. Certainly a French filled day; I couldn't avoid it. I've been missing France so much it feels like I'm being practically hit over the head with signs, reminders, memories, & people from abroad everyday. I can't wait to return to France again soon....I feel like I'm crawling out of my skin. Next semester (LAST SEMESTER) is going to be nice & enjoyable for once, but I still can't wait to leave. I know I know. I need to cherish this time, but I can't help it. I'm going crazy inside. I need to move around, geographically speaking. And, the icing on the cake, this new years eve will be the first time in 2 years in which I am in America. The last 2 new years I was in Paris. Parfait.

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